How Long Will My Pool Take To Construct?

Building a pool can be a lengthy process. It can take weeks to months depending on the complexity of the project.

First, your pool professional will work with you to design a custom swimming pool. Then they will acquire the proper permits and excavate the area.

After excavation is complete, the builders will install the pool frame. This is one of the fastest phases but can be affected by weather conditions and impediments in the way.


A pool brings a host of benefits to a residential or commercial property. It can become a center of activity for families and employees and can add significant value to the home or business. However, before diving into the construction process, there are many things that need to be considered.

First, you must obtain a permit. This can be done through your municipality’s website or by having an inspector come to your house and take measurements.

Next, you will need to design your pool. This is a big step and will need to consider how you plan on using your pool, how it can be integrated into the landscaping and how to make it accessible for people with disabilities. It will also need to address any setback requirements that your town might have. These could vary from 5 to 20 feet and would usually have to do with the distance from the home to the yard line and septic system.

It’s important to consider all of the options for your pool and think about what might change with use over time. If you want to add other features like a spa or water features, make sure to allow for them in your final design. You may also want to consider the proximity of your pool to existing landscape features like bushes and trees.


In most areas, pool construction requires a permit and the approval of local inspectors. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Most pool builders have a team that is dedicated to preparing and submitting permits for their clients. However, not all pool builders are created equal and this can impact the amount of time it takes to get the necessary paperwork approved.

Once the design and permit have been finalized, excavation can begin. This is when the “bones” of your pool are formed. On average it takes about a week to excavate a backyard pool. However, factors like access restrictions, weather, and natural obstructions can add days or even weeks to this process.

When the excavation is complete, plumbing and electrical can be installed. This is known as the rough plumbing or stub out stage. This step can also be delayed by weather and supply-chain issues.

Once the plumbing and electrical are in place, your builder can start installing the steel framework of your pool. This process typically takes a day or two to complete. Once the frame is up, the “bones” of your pool are ready to be covered with gunite. Gunite is a concrete-like material that is sprayed on and takes three to four weeks for sufficient curing. Once this has been done, inspections will occur and could delay the process by a few days.


Once all of the design, permits and approvals are in place it is time to get started with excavation. This is the beginning of construction and can take a week or more, depending on the weather and ground conditions. A lot of things can go wrong during this phase, especially if you have underground utility lines or unforeseen site conditions that are beyond your builder’s control.

Once the dig is complete and there are no issues, it is time to begin installing the plumbing and electrical system and steel foundation for your pool. This can be a complicated process and it is very important to have a professional handle this. Your contractor will also install the rebar which is the steel reinforcing that holds your pool together. During this phase, there will be inspections performed by your city or town.

When this step is complete, it will be time to put in the gunite which is sprayed concrete that forms your pool. This can take a few weeks, depending on the schedule of your pool crew and weather conditions. It is important for all of the contractors to be on the same page so that the project is completed in a timely fashion. There are times when some steps rely on another to be finished, for example the plumbing cannot be turned on until the electric is installed.


Once the design is complete and permits are in hand it’s time to begin the construction process. This can take between one and eight weeks, depending on the municipality and how fast they push papers. It also depends on how much a customer wants to change the original pool design, which can add extra time to the process.

Once excavation begins it’s important to make sure the site is properly prepped for the project. This may include identifying any utilities that are buried or overhead that will need to be relocated prior to digging. An experienced builder should be able to identify these quickly and have them marked for relocation before they break ground.

The actual pool construction will then start. Depending on what type you have selected, this can take 1-3 weeks. Vinyl and fiberglass pools are quicker as they are essentially pre-made, while gunite (sprayed concrete) takes longer because it has to cure before installation can occur.

Once the pool is constructed it will be filled with water and any other add-on features like lights, pumps, heaters or a sunken fire pit. This will typically take two days. Once the pool is ready it’s then commissioned, which will take another two days. After a few days of testing and calibration the pool is ready to use!

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